Miles Burghoff


Hey everyone! Miles here, but you can call me Sonar. I was dubbed the name Sonar because my father had the role of Radar on the TV series “M.A.S.H.” I started fishing when I was really young and had my first fishing tournament when I was only 12 years old. From a super young age I was determined to be a professional angler.

By the time I was 18 I had organized a youth fishing tournament in California where I grew up, but soon moved to Florida to hone my fishing skills. I joined the fishing club in college and in 2013 I became a professional angler. I can’t express to you how much it means to me to be doing what I had dreamed of as a kid. This was what I wanted to do for as long as I can remember and I am humbled and honored to continue to compete in fishing tournaments and host Sweetwater TV.

In my career I have won the FLW twice and placed in the top 10 fifteen times. I have competed in the BASS tournament as well and placed in the top 30 six times. You can read more about me on my site; and check out two podcasts I did with Tom Rowland HERE:

Hope you like the show!

Miles Burghoff