The Chickamauga GOAT

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S5:E3 - “The Chickamauga GOAT” (2019)

Miles & Joey go fishing on Lake Chickamauga and get a little help from the GOAT, Andy Morgan.

Miles and his family recent moved to the Chickamauga area and the lake is one of the most popular bass fishing lakes in the country. The lake is apart of the Tennessee River and is a Bass factory, also with the Bluewater Resort right next to the lake there couldn’t be a better place to stay before you go bass fishing.

We met Andy Morgan on the lake - Andy is known as the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) on the FLW Tour, and one of the best bass fishermen of all time. We were excited to get out on a legendary bass fishing lake with a legendary bass fisherman. It was cool to meet a guy that is so confident, so good and that has been doing this for so long and knows how to go out there and put big ones in the boat. Andy doesn’t do anything super out of the ordinary, but he knows what he’s doing out there for sure.

We got out on the water and bonded in our conversation about talent. Andy said he doesn’t do much research before going to a new place, but says work ethic is the separation factor. He said the key to being a truly good fisherman is cutting off the rest of the world when you’re in competition; being able to focus on the task at hand. That’s what we tried to do and we had and awesome time with Andy Morgan the GOAT!

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