Chickamauga Chunks

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S5:E1 - “Chickamauga Chunks” (2019)

Joey visits Miles on his new home lake in Tennessee.

Joey and Miles visit Lake Chickamauga, located in Dayton, TN. Miles has recently moved to Tennessee, and Chickamauga has always been one of his favorite lakes to search for bass. When it comes to bait, bass love big, plum-colored worms, and will instantly gravitate towards it. Miles recommends using June Bug bait or Red Bug bait, as they have similar styles, and are the colors that bass are most attracted to.

Chickamauga is one of many favorite fishing spots for Tennessee and Georgia residents, and for good reason, too. This lake is full of bass, and there are absolutely no secret fishing spots. That being said, it’s not where you fish, but when you fish, and it’s based on the timing of the currents. The current will give you the best outcome in your catches, so be mindful of it when fishing on Lake Chickamauga. The Boys advise that when the current is running strong, it’s best to go towards a tighter bank, and that becomes a sweet spot of smaller schools with quick catches.

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