Catch More Bass on a Topwater Walking Bait

Early Morning is Prime time for a topwater walking bait

Early Morning is Prime time for a topwater walking bait

Topwater fishing is absolutely addicting! The adrenaline rush of watching a big bass come unglued on a lure at the end of your line is what we as anglers all dream about. Just like any bait and technique the key is in the detail. Having the right rod, reel, and line is extremely important as well as knowing exactly how to work a topwater bait in order to trigger fish into striking it.


Rod: Temple Fork Outfitters 7'3" Medium Action Baitcasting Rod

Reel: Quantum Tour MG 7:1:1 Gear Ratio

Line: 15lb Vicious Monofilament


Catching bass on a topwater walking bait is truly all in the wrist. The technique of walking the dog or making the bait slash from side to side in rhythm definitely takes time to master. The key is twitching the bait by popping the rod tip down making the bait slide to the side, as it's sliding you pop the bait again making it change direction. Continue this twitching method while picking up small amounts of line with each twitch and pay attention to the rhythm or cadence as the bait comes back to the boat. Some days the fish want it walked fast and sometimes they want it slow so very your retrieve to see what they want on the specific day.

Peak topwater times:

Topwater is typically most effective during low light conditions. Early in the morning an late in the evening are definitely the peak periods of a topwaters effectiveness. That being said I have caght some big bass during the middle of the day on a topwater bait if the conditions set up right which typically means on cloudy or rainy days. Apart from actual time of day spring and fall are generally the best times of year to fish a topwater when fish are shallow and feeding aggressively.

So if your water temperature is in the 60 to 75 degree range do yourself a favor and give a topwater walking bait a shot. Twitch the bait from side to side over shallow points or flats and hang on tight. To watch a video on topwater walking baits click on this link: Catch More Bass on a Topwater Walking bait.

I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania