Battling Uncharted Waters

One of the bewitching aspects of fishing is the mystery of what exactly the bottom of a lake actually looks like.  Beneath the surface is a fish's lair-their territory- and for centuries anglers have been left to only imagine what truly lies below.  

With recent mapping, GPS and sonar technology the mysteries of the world below the surface of our waterways are swiftly becoming realized.  Contour mapping in particular has greatly improved as of late, but with all of the advanced ways of mapping the bottom there are still areas that mapping companies have not been able to chart.

Enter Insight Genesis.

Something From Nothing

Insight Genesis is essentially mapping software, developed by Lowrance (Navico), and it enables angler with Lowrance GPS/Sonar units to generate their own maps, or add to the community of maps already created.

The process is very simple, all you need is an SD card and a compatible Lowrance unit, and as you are boating and/or fishing, you record your sonar logs onto the SD card.  

Once you are off the water all you have to do is take your SD card with the recorded sonar logs and upload them onto your Insight Genesis account, at which time they will take the logs and generate highly detailed contours of the areas you recorded.  

By simply recording your sonar logs while you're boating and fishing, you can create your own detailed contour maps.

By simply recording your sonar logs while you're boating and fishing, you can create your own detailed contour maps.

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Trail Blazer

The applications and benefits of such a revolutionary software are many, but possibly the biggest group of anglers that it will transform they way they fish are small water fishermen.  

Until now, small lakes, including private waters, were by and large uncharted territories, but now, with the help of Insight Genesis, an angler can cover a small body of water while fishing and generate maps that will unlock the layout of a lake they might of thought they new intimately.  

The Sweetwater boys have been utilizing this technology everywhere they go, but the application they have seen the best results from is while they are kayak fishing out of their Old Town Predator.  Both Sonar and Joey have Gen-3 HDS7 units rigged on their kayaks, which they can use to make Insight Genesis maps, and they can go to lakes with limited access and create detailed maps that they use to catch more fish. 

Battling Uncharted Waters.jpg

So, the next time you are left to nothing but your own imagination to picture what's below you, think about what kind of difference a highly detailed contour map could do for your fishing.  

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