Rigging Zman Hard Leg FrogZ and Grass KickerZ

Zman Hard Leg Frogz

Zman Hard Leg Frogz

Sonar's Rig for Zman Hard Leg Frogz :

  • 5/O EWG heavy wire hook
  • 50lb Vicious braided line
  • 1/16 oz pegged weight 
Zman Grass Kickerz

Zman Grass Kickerz

Joey's Rig for Zman Grass KickerZ :

  • 5/0 heavy wire hook
  • 3/16 oz pegged weight
  • 50lb Vicious braid

Watch Joey and Miles further explain their rigs for these Zman baits:

Hope these rigs help you catch a lot of fish like they do for us!