Why Bass Love Grass

On any given day bass can be found from 1 foot deep to 30 feet deep. In my opinion that is one of the primary reasons for the extreme popularity of bass fishing. As far as shallow fishing goes typically in 1 to 10 feet of water grass is one of the most abundant cover options across most of the united states.

No matter what type of grass you are fishing whether it is floating water hyacinth or submergent deep cabbage beds there are some key factors that make almost every type of grass a great place to catch a bass. There are three main factors, cover, baitfish, and oxygen!

Matted hydrilla

Matted hydrilla

Cover and Baitfish:

The first two qualities of grass definitely go hand in hand. Bass are almost always relating to some sort of cover or structure, whether it is deep rocks and brush or shallow docks and grass! Grass might be the most appealing cover of all for the reason that grass is a perfect place for baitfish to hide and thrive. While grass is perfect cover for bass it is also a hunting ground where bass can live in shade and comfort while at the same time they can feed on the abundant bait fish. I've found fish living in grass beds from 2ft deep water willow all the way out to 15ft deep hydrilla edges and cabbage beds and there is no doubt that the bait fish are the key. Across all of the US bluegill can be found in grass beds while in the southern states shad can also be found enjoying the protection of grass. Move up to the northern half of the country and perch are almost always going to be relating to some sort of deep vegetation. Baitfish love grass and bass definitely love baitfish and grass.


The final factor that really brings the whole puzzle together is the fact that grass produces oxygen. Oxygen is obviously essential to life on land and under water, it is this oxygen that attracts baitfish and bass alike. Grass is especially good during low oxygen times of year such as mid to late summer when the water is at it's hottest and the oxygen levels are at there lowest. This oxygen is a huge attractant to bass throughout the summer months so just because it is hot does not mean that bass won't live in shallow grass. I have caught bass in 1 foot deep grass in 94 degree water simply because the grass provided the most amount of oxygen available.

Grass is cover that holds fish year around and while it is not always the very best option it is always a solid option to put fish in the boat. So give it a try, for deep water grass fishing I recommend a drop shot rig, while shallow grass can be fished with a wide variety of baits such as swimjigs, frogs, and flipping soft plastics or jigs.

I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania