Breaking Down Fishing Line Types:: Braid

Check out vicious braided line you will not be disappointed

Check out vicious braided line you will not be disappointed

Braided fishing line is something that anglers of all levels should truly take advantage of. While it is situational, it is very important.

Braided Line Qualities:

Braid has absolutely zero stretch, making it exceptional for driving a hook home in the mouth of a fish. The second key quality of braided line is the fact that like monofilament, it floats. Along side these two qualities braid also casts exceptionally well on spinning rods and bait casters.

When I Use Braided Line:

The zero stretch factor makes braid the very best option for fishing around vegetation. Whether fishing lilly pads, hydrilla, or deep cabbage beds, braid is the line that will get the job done the best. It will literally cut through the grass like a knife allowing you to free the fish from the heavy cover. Another quality of braid is the fact that it floats. Line that floats is great for top water fishing making braid exceptional for fishing baits such as hollow body frogs, and Zman Pop ShadZ around cover. So whether you are punching matted grass with a heavy weight or working a swim jig or frog on top of the cover braided line is my line of choice. Just about everyone will agree on the fact that braid is great around grass, where the differing opinions come into play are during the conversation of braided line on spinning rods. In my opinion I like fishing fluorocarbon on my spinning rods because the fact that it sinks and honestly I understand the feel of exactly what's going on while using it. But that is definitely up for debate.

Braided Line Downfalls:

The no stretch factor can actually be a downfall if you set the hook to hard. Everyone has a slightly different hookset and one that is overly powerful with a hard snap can actually tear a large hole in the mouth of a fish allowing the fish to dislodge the hook. Along those same lines, be very weary about using braid on any treble hook bait. Braided line with zero stretch can very easily straighten the hook on a quality fish. Another downfall is the fact that it is very visible under the water. The visible factor doesn't have a huge impact in heavy cover but in open clear water it can definitely be detrimental to the amount of bites you get throughout the day. The fact that it is visible under water is another reason I select fluorocarbon for open water situations.

If you are looking into trying out braided line you definitely need to check out Vicious Braid.

Get out on the water soon and put your new knowledge of fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided line to good use.

I'll see you on the water!!!

Joey Nania