Spoon Fishing: Tips and Tackle Advice

Spoon fishing spoils

Spoon fishing spoils

Spoon fishing is simple and a lot of fun. The spoon lure is one of the oldest recorded fishing lures created. It's a great lure to drop deep and to catch the fish's attention. Spoons are excellent for fishing vertically for deep schooling fish, and in conjunction with a correctly tuned fish finder you can actually watch fish eat the spoon. Pretty awesome. 

Fish use their lateral line system to follow the vortices produced by fleeing prey, and the oscillating movements of the spoon lure can be a good way to imitate these. 

Spoon lures with mirror finishes can be additionally effective when the sun is at a sharp angle to the water in the mornings or evenings, which causes a glint of reflective sunlight that mimics the flash of white-bellied prey fish.

Watch the video below for more spoon fishing tips and to see us in action.

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