How to Rig the Pop Shadz


One of our favorite lures for bass fishing is the Pop Shadz from Zman.  The Pop Shadz is unique because it's a soft plastic popper style topwater lure. It is extremely durable, which means we can catch tons of fish on it without it breaking apart. It's simple to rig and a fun one to fish with. 


  1. Heavy gauge hook
  2. 50 lb braid
  3. Pop Shadz bait

We've had a ton of success with it in lots of different areas. Watch the video below to see how Joey rigs it. Effective rigs don't always have to be difficult or tricky.  The Pop Shadz rigged like Joey likes to fish it could not be more simple.

Joey Nania shows how to rig the Pop Shadz lure from Zman