Question: What Baits Work Best for Finicky Bass In Clear Water

Name: Chris Holmes

Subject: What Baits Work Best for Finicky Bass In Clear Water

Message: You guys ever hit any lakes in southwest michigan like paw paw lake or around the area? If so what was a good bait? Theres some monster's out there but very hard to catch. Its a huge clear lake with great vegetation that holds several tournaments every year.

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Thanks for the question!

This is Joey Nania and I have been fortunate enough to spend countless days on the water in the, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan region! I know that region isn't exactly respected as some of the best bass fishing in the country, but you and I both know that there is some amazing bass fishing in the upper Midwest! The Midwest is a beautiful region to fish, full of wild life, beautiful bodies of water, and some trophy bass.

One of the challenges with fishing in that part of the country is the fact that so many of the lakes are deep and clear which can definitely lead to some challenges if it is not approached properly!

I am a firm believer that if the water is clear, my line needs to be light, unless I am fishing in super heavy cover! My choice would be a quality spinning rod and reel combo spooled up with 8lb to 12lb Vicious Pro Elite Flourocarbon!  

My bait selection would be simple! I would start my attach using a Zman ZinkerZ Worm. This bait is designed to be fished weightless and is extremely versatile. It can be twitched on the surface for topwater strikes or if the fishing it slow you can let it sink to the bottom and work it slowly back to the boat! I have caught thousands of quality bass across the country on this bait!

Rig the ZinkerZ weedless on a 4/0 Extra Wide Gap Hook and you will be ready to go! I hope this helps and gives you a good starting point on how to catch some big bass on your home lake!

Joey Nania