3 Best Worm Colors to Cover All Conditions

Top 3 favorite worm colors

Top 3 favorite worm colors

One of the most common questions we get asked is, "What is the best worm color to use?" Normally in fishing it's hard to make sweeping statements for bait choices, but we've found that there are 3 worm colors that will work well to cover most situations. We use different ones out of these depending on water clarity, light conditions, and what kind of cover we are fishing. 

Top 3 Worm Colors:

Watermelon Red- use this one when fishing in clean or lightly stained water and around vegetation. 

Green Pumpkin- best and most versatile color. This one can get you bites in just about any condition. 

 Black and Blue- use this one in muddier water or low light conditions like night fishing and in cloud cover. It gives off a big profile that can fish can see in low visibility situations.

With these 3 worm colors you should be well covered. Click here to get these worms. 

Watch the video below to see Miles talk more about each worm color. 

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