Question: Will Braid Remedy Spinning Reel Rats Nests

Name: Steve Basil

Subject: Will Braid Remedy Spinning Reel Rats Nests

Message: Hi Joey! Just watched your show on the Sportsman Channel for the first time, and I loved it. Just what I've been looking for. I'm always trying to find out what works best, why it works, and how to rig it properly. You mentioned that Braid and Fluoro are your favorites. My wife and I have a problem with always getting a huge rat nest in the spinning reel. Even though we use a very good brand of mono. Would Braid remedy that problem?

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Thanks for the question and the kind words about Sweetwater TV!

While spinning reels are a wonderful tool they can be the source of a mighty headache if they are not understood and managed properly.

Braid is a great option especially if you are fishing in dingy water or around heavy cover that a fish could potentially get you caught in. Braided line has far less memory than fluorocarbon and monofilament meaning that the big blowout rats nests are far less likely when using a good quality braid.

The only issue with braid is that in clear water it is very visible to fish, my solution for that is attaching a 4ft to 6ft fluorocarbon leader. This leader can be attached securely with a properly tied double uni knot. This knot is simple, easy, and will not let you down! You can go to our Sweetwater Tv Youtube page to see exactly how the knot is tied.

One final thing, There is a little trick when casting a spinning rod that no matter what line you use must be remembered. As you know in order to engage a spinning reel all you have to do is begin reeling and the bail will automatically flip over. Believe it or not but I actually never use this function when fishing with a spinning setup. Every cast, right before my bait hits the water I bring my hand that I am not using up to the spool and physically stop the line from feeding out any further. I then manually flip the bail over and begin fishing.

Always remember that trick, and while braid is a great option and works well on a spinning setup, it still has the potential to rats nest. No matter what line you use whether it's, braid, monofilament, or fluorocarbon, they can all be used with minimal problems if you keep my little trick in mind!

Always feel free to ask any questions you might have, and please let me know how that little trick increases your fishing success out on the water!

-Joey Nania