What Sweetwater Means To Me

Over a lifetime there are only a few opportunities that truly change your life.  

Earlier this year, when I was offered the chance to co-host a new television show- later to be named Sweetwater- I was ecstatic, and immediately jumped all over the offer.  

While co-hosting a nationally televised show may be reason enough to be stoked, Sweetwater has given me many reasons to be excited.  

Sweetwater Means: Fishing

One of the primary things that attracted me to Sweetwater was the fact that the show is intended to feature all types of freshwater fishing.  Though bass fishing has always been my primary focus, I have always enjoyed all types of freshwater fishing, and there just aren't many shows out there that showcase everything our freshwater fisheries have to offer.  

To be part of a show that provides an opportunity to share all kinds of fishing with its viewers is a pretty special deal.

Sweetwater Means: Friendship

Most freshwater fishing shows on the air feature a single-host format, while Sweetwater has a dual-host format where Joey Nania and I get to share these special fishing experiences.  

I feel this format is a truly "organic" concept.  After all, most of our best experiences on the water, and the outdoors, are shared with our good friends and family- and why not have a show where you showcase that element of friendship on the water.  

Joey and I, from the very first shoot, have played off each other, with our passion for finding and catching fish, and overall the excitement that you will see on television is completely natural.  

Katie (my fiancé) and I have really enjoyed traveling with Joey (along with his wife and son), along with the production crew, and together have become very good friends.  There's not many instances where my job as been as enjoyable as it has during the production of Sweetwater.

Sweetwater Means: Sharing 

One of our core values for this show is genuinely sharing our passion for fishing with others.

Like I said before, fishing with Joey, and being able to share exceptional fishing adventures with him, has been very helpful in that we can't help but share our passion for the outdoors- which should be the main focus of any fishing show.

Sweetwater Means: Teaching

Though we are young, Joey and I have been working in the fishing industry for some time now, and one thing we have in common is our desire to teach others about techniques, and the habits of fish, that we have learned during our extensive time on the water.  

Sweetwater has provided an unequalled platform for Joey and I to teach others things that we have learned over the years.  

Whether it is on our show, our social media pages, or SweetwaterFishingTV.com, you will see that we love to teach.  

Lots To Look Forward To

Overall, this show has meant much more to me than satisfying some of my professional ambitions- it has embodied all the things I love about fishing.  

It is truly an honor to be able to work on a show that I truly feel is how the sport of fishing deserves to be represented.

We can't wait until you all get to experience it as well!

Stay tuned for more information on air dates and other news about Sweetwater TV!